Problems implementing FBA with WSS 3.0?

Topics: FBA, Forms Based Authentication
Feb 16, 2008 at 4:28 PM
I've tried to implement the FBA solution with WSS and am having a number of issues (some of which have already been reported on this site):

1) Problems with the CATHCA web part - occasionally doesn't display - if I click "Can't see the word?" it appears - the majority of the time I can't read what it displays
2) Won't create new users even if I'm 100% that the characters are correct - just asterisks the characters like they have been entered incorrectly
3) After a couple of tries it then gives me access denied, however what is strange is that I then can't log back in to the site using the spadmin account!
4) Can't create users through either of the management tools (FBA User Management or FBA Role Managment)

Any clues? Thanks!