FBA and AD as the membership provider

Topics: FBA, Forms Based Authentication, MOSS, SharePoint
Jan 28, 2008 at 4:56 PM
First, thanks for publishing this very informative article!

I followed your article and was able to setup a test site with Forms based authentication enabled. I did change the procedures so that I am using an AD membership provider vs. the SQL one as the instructions state. My problem is that I am able to logon successfully as the SharePoint Site Collection Adminstrator but I get access denied to the newly created FBA site.

1.) In the version of Visual Studio I have I don't see the option to open a web site to launch the ASP.net user admin tool as the procedures in the tutorial state. Is there a plug-in required?

2.) Any suggestions on alternative ways to add the intial admin user to a new FBA Site?

3.) Can the FBA user admin tools be used to add/delete/change users when using AD as the membership provider?

Thanks in advance!